Getting Your Home Ready for Twilight Photography

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, twilight photography is a great option to make that visual impact. When perusing through 50-100 listings, there might only be 1-2 homes featuring twilight photography. 

Twilight photos arouse curiosity – “there must be something special about this listing that has gone the extra mile!”

So what is a twilight photo?

A twilight photo is taken of the exterior of the property, at dusk, when the sun is setting. It is used to showcase your landscape and property lighting, pool lighting, outdoor areas like fire pits, and  to capture a beautiful sunset – an eye catching view your buyers might just be looking for!

Twilight Photography for Real Estate MLS Listing
Twilight Photography for Real Estate MLS Listing

Let’s get you prepared!

**Please make sure to have the house prepared before our arrival. We will arrive early with enough time to go over any issues or questions you may have and solidify the plan of action.

1. Lighting
** We strongly suggest that someone who is familiar with the interior and exterior lighting, pool features, outdoor living spaces etc should be present at the photo session.  
** Be prepared to turn off any lighting upon the photographer’s request. We suggest having a ladder available but we will also have our own step. If the lighting is too harsh in some areas we may opt to unscrew some bulbs.

2. Pool and/or Water features
** Have the pool cleaned in advance.
** Turn on pool lighting and water features where desired
** Have any pool toys put away – unless you want to have the infamous unicorn featured

3. Outdoor Living Features
We highly suggest lighting any outdoor fireplaces!
** Have small to medium fires going if there are any pits available.
** Remove grill covers — if the grill is in good condition or tuck out of sight

4. Outdoor furniture
**Arrange pillows and remove any furniture covers
** Straighten pool and lounge chairs
** Arrange any side tables. 
** Consider staging any tables with clean rolled towels and refreshments – you can have these available for the photographer to place as needed.
** If available, photographer will opt to open pool umbrella – but will also take photos without so be prepared to have it removed from line of sight

5. Landscaping
** Arrange for professional lawn care to occur at least a day prior to the session. If appropriate, replace mulch or other landscaping enhancements.
** Add flowering or green plants to empty planters and remove dead plants
** Turn off yard irrigation and do not water for at least a few hours before photo session.

6. Additional Tips
** Park vehicles in the garage with the garage door closed, or park on the street away from the front of the home. 
** Pick up any additional items such as toys, dog accessories, hoses, rakes, etc
** Sweep porches, patios, driveways and front walkways if necessary.

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