Oh, how does time fly?


WELCOME to our new setup! We hope you enjoy the new digs as much as we do. It’s taken a little bit of sprucing up, but we’re really happy with the outcome. Take a look around and feel free to drop a line…or book an appointment!


What started out as a marketing and strategies company has somehow birthed into this huge “thing” all on it’s own. We were never much into marketing ourselves as our faithful clients have always spread the good word, but as time went on, we decided we really needed to reestablish and reintroduce ourselves!

Hi! We’re Bow Real Estate Photography.

BRE for short.

Or Bowography.

This isn’t your typical 9-5. there are days we’re up at 5am and still working well past midnight. But, we really enjoy what we do. This past season has been a whirlwind and we’re excited to be able to produce more quality content for our clients. We’ve got more gear, more lights, a new member, but most importantly MORE POSSIBILITIES!!

It has become more than just about the listing. This next season we hope to breathe life into your creative side. Take a break from the monotony. Expect the unexpected. We’re here to create the content that puts the spotlight on you. Ready? Let’s go.

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