What COVID19 Teaches Us

Real Estate is dependent on the economy but most importantly it is dependent on your clients. What they think their dollar is worth and who they deem worthy. 

We’ve seen it happen before, but everything can change at the drop of a dime – in our current situation, what happens when the country is on lockdown? It has been one of the strangest times in our lives, for sure, with this pandemic.
It’s been scary, depressing, interesting and some days relaxing. 
Some days I’m like, “we’re all gone die” other days, Im doing an ab workout so I can justify that pint of ice cream I plan on eating. The time to live is now!

From a business perspective, we were very concerned about what this would mean for not just us, but you guys!

I mean, we love what we do! Were we going to have anyone to bombard with all our new ideas? Who was going to see all the pretty photos we take? Flying the drone is pretty awesome too, would there be requests?

So freak out aside. It seems like the Real Estate Industry was a little bit luckier and we were deemed “essential business”

Bouncing back, We’ve seen a lot of our clients providing more Highlight Videos and 3D Tours.


We responded.

We’ve discounted video and 3D tours, 15%.


But you guys. It’s just not enough. You know we’re going to tell you how it is, our company always wants our clients to be the best! We are forward thinkers and technology is an extremely useful tool for this industry. 

>> Before we get started. Check out our recent blog and video about Stalkability. <<

If you’re stalkability sucks right now, things aren’t looking great. if you don’t have any online presence right now, you practically don’t exist. For you anti social media people, I’m sure that’s frustrating and annoying, but it’s 2020 and thats reality.

We all have to evolve and adapt, and there’s nothing like making you do something and think about all the things you can do to grow for 2 months straight.

In our Stalkability blog, there is a quick run down of the basic types of platforms and a check list of some things you could be doing. 

Here’s what we recommend.

This is for anyone with a  budget big or small.


1. Pretend like you are a potential client and stalk yourself. What are you lacking? What do you connect with? What do you think you can do to give more value online.

2. Create a list of things you could do -photoshoots, more activity, videos, vlogs, family, hobbies, graphics

3. Pretending like money and time aren’t an issue, create a structured plan to to knock these things out. Organize content into different groups and see if you can come up with a story. 

4. If you have any problems just hit us up.

5. If you need a little push, hit us up

6. If you’re ready, hit us up.


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