You’re Missing the Point of Social Media.

hypothetical situation:

you want to buy/sell your home.
You have no recommendations from friends or family.
(or maybe you do, but you're just not sure! you want to just stalk what else is out there)

you go online to find someone you think will be a good fit...you immediately click on the first few links that pop up.

you check out the agents website, but you can't decide! you check out another agent and another. all their websites seem decent so how do you choose at least your top 3 people?

you decide to stalk their social media, how else are they marketing themselves? are they popular in the community? how long have they been an agent? what services do they offer? what platforms are they on?

based off your research, you've decided that there is one agent who just seems top notch. mary. she's active on facebook and instagram, her graphics are creative, you can see her work on youtube, but what set her apart? SHE'S FUNNY! and quirky! but she's also straight to the point. she's got a great family and she seems loyal and honest. she also has the cutest dog ever. theres no way we won't get along!!

just like that. you've found your agent!
You can't wait to meet Mary!

HOW STALKAble are you?


when you want to try a new restaurant, go on vacation, find a hotel...anything that requires spending your hard earned money, you're going to do a little digging aka stalking. you're going to stalk reviews, compare prices, check out photos, etc.
Sound familiar?

your business is no different.

first off, lets make sure you understand the difference between these platforms. they are not the same thing and should not look the same!!!!!! (We cannot stress this enough!)

WEBSITE - this is your portfolio. this is where i find all of your services, your marketing tactics, your listings, contact information, blogs, resources, etc

LINKEDIN - this is your resume. essentially your website condensed into your best work. a snapshot.

FACEBOOK - this is your online storefront. like a website but more images. and alot more friendly and connective. keep it professional but insert a picture of your dog hanging out in some fancy neighborhood you're trying to sell or your kid playing in a specific school district. don't share a bajillion articles, memes, etc - the important stuff will get lost. curate your feed. if you want to sell luxury - you need to focus posting about luxury and only sprinkle in a few other topics. **this is separate from your personal account. this is a page you have created!

INSTAGRAM - this is facebook explained in pictures. get your bio right with contact information. setup your highlights for a few personal things like food or workouts, but mainly tips and resources, neighborhoods, 101, etc for your clients! utilize igtv for your video portfolio! curate your graphics with client testimonials, sold homes, advice, etc. utilize your brand colors only. streamline your look.

YOUTUBE - last but not least. upload all video work you have. companies like us may post your videos for you but you can also ask to post on your own channel! (start vlogging! we have an article on that too - its the age of video!)

you're on your way to increasing your stalkability rating!

here are a few extra tips just to make sure:

1. make sure all of your headshots are up to date and/or the same across platforms. (if not, one cannot look older than the other!!!)

2. update all phone numbers and emails

3. update your bio!!! make sure it is apparent which agency you are currently with! this is what facebook is for.

4. realtor.com, zillow, trulia - make sure those are up to date

5. you don't have to post everyday. you just need to look active. 2-3 posts a week!!

6. comment, like, share - be a part of your community!

7. you need a website. it can be a landing page...but how is someone supposed to see what sets you apart? what makes your services better from all the other agents?

8. how do i find your photo/video services you utilize? ie your portfolio. youtube. igtv. facebook albums. update at least every 1-2 months. even if its a small change.

9. linkedin should be a professional, succinct portfolio of your best work - utilize the other platforms to supplement.

10. brag about your closings! utilize graphics - its easy. we have a video on that too. hint: canva.

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